These Fried Pokemon Cutlets are Your Destiny

Is there an alternate universe where Ash collects  Pokemon, submerges them in boiling oil, and then frys them up on a stick for kicks? Oddly, this wasn’t one of  The Dan Cave’s crazy Pokemon theories, but it is something that’s happening in South Korea.

Overseas street vendors peddle delicious fried food all hours of the day. You’ll find vegetables, dumplings,  Pikachu, you know, the norm. Stateside, our buckets of fried foods don’t usually contain Electric Types, but I wish they did. These tasty companions are popular street snacks, and really, why there isn’t Pikachu on a stick peddled on every street corner around the world is beyond me.

Make no mistake, these are no misshapen nuggets, the street vendor signs actually says 피카츄 which is “Pikachu” in Korean. Just so you know your poke-snack is the real deal.

Fried tonkatsu cutlets shaped into adorable characters is nothing new but the fact that it’s so popular is puzzling. Maybe if you devour these crispy Pikachu you gain some sort of celestial metaphysical power? Sounds like a Supernatural episode. Someone send those Winchester boys to South Korea because there’s darkness afoot. Are these Pikachu marching to their death? I have concerns.

If you just “gotta catch” these in your mouth, but don’t have time to troll the streets looking for fried Pokemon, conveniently you can order them  online. A pack of 30 Pika-shaped cutlets will cost you a mere $8.20 USD. That’s a bargain and much easier than going through all that Pokemon training. Let’s just hope it doesn’t evolve in your stomach.

Do you gotta catch all the fried Pokemon? I know I do. Let us know in the comments!

IMAGE:  Kotaku
H/T:  Kotaku,  RocketNews24

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