These Dice Are Pure Metal

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Metal. Born from flame and beaten into submission by hammers, none can argue that our history hasn’t been forged by blacksmiths. For us gamers, we now have dice that can match our cold, blackened hearts, and crush our adversaries with metal icosahedrons. Gil Ramirez, The Vlogsmith, painstakingly forged these die in the fires of Mordor… or just his blacksmith forge. It’s a great video to show us the process of a real life metal bender.

Of the two D20s he’s made, he gifted one of them to our very own Felicia Day on Tabletop Day, and at the end of the video, you can see the dice in action. Clearly, working as intended.

But what if you are lacking a forge of your own? Or the skill (or patience) to craft such vital precision instruments. Gil has answered the call of action for the rest of us. We can now gain our full set of Metal dice from his store. From D4 prisms to D12s now you can enter your nightly game properly equipped — or just acquire some amazing collectibles. Can you imagine the sheer epicness of dropping 6d6 metal dice on the table as when you roll for damage on a fireball? I mean, just look at these dice being forged!

There are other hand-forged works of art, and video tutorials on how to get started forging yourself as well. You can follow the Vlogsmith on Twitter here, check out his Youtube series about working with metal, or pick up a set of dice and other items on his online store.

Since many of us are Renaissance faire enthusiasts or LARPers by trade, what other awesome creations have you guys found? If you have any awesome metal works share them and let me know in the comments!

Featured Image: Gil Ramirez

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