THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE Trailer Shows a Sinister Slasher Story

Did you say you wanted more spooky season content? Yes?! Great! (We cannot hear your no. Sorry.) You’re gonna get more of it than you know what to do with, especially if you have Netflix. The streamer is steadily rolling out Halloween ready films with varying levels of scary. And, if you love watching teenagers dealing with thrills and chills with little to no help from adults, then this one might be for you. There’s Someone Inside Your House is coming your way on October 6 and the trailer sparks intrigue.

We start things off by taking a look at good ole Nebraska, where Makani Young (Sydney Park) lives with her grandmother. ( The Walking Dead fans know Park as Cyndie, the leader of Oceanside.) She’s a Hawaiian transplant trying to adjust to a very white space. And things seem to be going decent… until they aren’t. Makani is questioned by a presumably useless police officer about her relationship with Jackson, her jock classmate.

We see the person in question in his house as he wakes up to compromising photos of him everywhere before he’s killed by a masked person. What makes it even creepier is the killer is wearing a mask of the victim’s face. The community is overall shaken but the high schoolers don’t seem to be taking it too seriously. In fact, they make jokes about their “secrets” (including a well-placed I Know What You Did Last Summer reference) and have a party.

The party is lit until the killer shows up wearing another student’s face. Suddenly, things aren’t so funny anymore. This killer is ready to expose everyone’s secrets before killing them. Now, Makani and her friends must figure out what’s going on before they die. Of course, Makani likely has some skeletons in her own closet that could change the game. It would certainly explain why she’s in Nebraska.

a photo from There's Someone In Your House Netflix film of five teens standing together in a line

David Bukach/Netflix 

There’s Someone Inside Your House seems to have all the pieces for a great thriller. It takes place in modern times but it has a very Fear Street aesthetic to it. The film is produced by Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps, known for its work on Stranger Things. And it is based on Stephanie Perkins’ New York Times best-selling book of the same name. That means there’s already an audience chomping at the bit to see this story come to life.

It’s also dope to see more horror films being led by people of color. Let’s see what happens to Makani and friends when this film drops in October.

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