A Magical Showdown Turns Into an Epic Battle in THE WITCHER Season 3 Clip

The Continent might be full of literal monsters, but those terrifying creatures are not the ones Ciri needs to worry about in The Witcher‘s third season. The Princess of Cintra’s greatest enemies are humans, mages, and elves. And they are everywhere, as everyone and every group seeks to control Ciri’s awesome power. With Geralt of Rivia determined to keep her safe, that will surely lead to some incredible showdowns during Henry Cavill’s last year on the show. But we don’t have to wait for the season to debut to see just how epic they will be. Netflix has released a new scene from The Witcher that shows a magical showdown turning into an all-out war.

Netflix’s yearly TUDUM celebration is back, and among its many goodies was an action-packed moment from our favorite land of magic and monsters. Season two’s fire-wielding mage Rience is back and hunting down Ciri. (Who isn’t!) But as this clip reveals, she’s no damsel in distress. Ciri can more than hold her own in a fight thanks to Geralt’s training.

It’s still nice to have friends, though. Especially when they’re as powerful as Yennefer of Vengerberg and the White Wolf. It’s also good they have friends, as this battle goes from a small affair into a big one fought across multiple locales by multiple groups.

(Embargo SAT 6/17 2:51 PM PT) A Magical Showdown Turns Into an Epic Battle in THE WITCHER Season 3 Clip_1

This is our best look yet at the show’s third season. But to find out how this battle ends, we’ll need to wait for The Witcher to return to Netflix. We’ll rejoin the White Wolf and his new family for season three’s first five episodes on June 29. We’ll then have to wait even longer to see how it all ends. The final three episodes will follow on July 27. That is unless someone opens a portal that brings us to a world where season three is already available in its entirety.

Know any mages who can do that? (Preferably ones who don’t use fire magic.)

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