THE WITCHER Gets Mashed Up with SAMURAI JACK in New Animated Short

Thanks to The Witcher video game series by CD Projekt Red, Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy world and characters have found an ever expanding fandom. With a live-action Witcher TV show heading to Netflix in the near future, even more fans will discover the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, one of the leading monster hunters of his world. But what if The Witcher were an animated series done in the style of Adult Swim’s Samurai Jack? A new video brings that idea to life while placing Geralt in a fierce battle with a Griffin.

The aptly named “Samurai Witcher” was posted by Mashed, and it evokes the animation style of Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky. It also borrows several of the visual and audio techniques used in the show by delivering an intense battle while inter-cutting with scenes depicting Geralt’s preparations. In many ways, the outcome of the fight was determined by the steps Geralt took before the Griffin even sensed his presence.

Jason Dewey wrote, produced, and provided the sound design for this short in addition to co-directing it with Liam McKeown, who delivered the stylish animation with a background assist from Tobi Knitt. Alex Walker Smith scored the short, and the entire video reflects well on its creators as well as the source material from both properties.

You can follow Mashed‘s YouTube channel for more animated videos, and other wild franchise combinations.

What did you think about this mash up of Samurai Jack and The Witcher? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Mashed.

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