THE WATCHERS Trailer Puts Voyeuristic Creatures in the Irish Woods

It’s an unnerving feeling when someone is watching you. Even if they are not in your eyesight (or your eyes are closed), that strange tingle in your spine that alerts you to their surveillance is chilling. Usually, it is just your active imagination or someone (or something) that is no threat at all. But what if it is something far more mysterious and possibly sinister? How do you prepare to fight against the unseen and unknown? The Watchers—an upcoming film produced by M. Night Shyamalan and written/directed by newcomer Ishana Night Shyamalan—will explore this in a remote location with creatures lurking about. The trailer for The Watchers is very strange in a great way.

I especially love the round of applause that the main character gets at the end. It’s delightfully baffling and makes me want to check this film out even more. The Watchers gives us a weird trailer, but hopefully this synopsis from Warner Bros. Pictures will clear things up a bit: 

From producer M. Night Shyamalan comes “The Watchers,” written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan and based on the novel by A.M. Shine. The film follows Mina, a 28-year-old artist, who gets stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland. When Mina finds shelter, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers who are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

“You can’t see them, but they see everything.” is a great tagline.

The Watchers has some great cast members whom we meet in its trailer. The cast includes Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Oliver Finnegan, and Olwen Fouere. Hopefully, Campbell’s character is much smarter than the one she portrayed in Barbarian. And Fouere deserves far better than what she got as Sally Hardesty in 2022’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m rooting for everyone, honestly.

When Will The Watchers Debut in Theaters?

dakota fanning stands in a mirror with her face against in it the watchers horror movie trailer
Warner Bros.

The Watchers will hit theaters on June 7.

Originally published on February 27, 2024.

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