THE WALKING DEAD’s Theme Song Lyrics Are Really Sad

The Walking Dead is like, a really depressing show. How depressing is it? Well, for starters, only four cast members from the first season are still alive on the show, and pretty soon here, it’s going to be three (Spoilers!) Watching this show is like a countdown to when and how your favorite character is going to die horribly, because if they’re not named Rick, Carol, Michonne or Daryl, then I hate to tell you, but there’s a ticking clock on them. The Walking Dead is the show where everyone on it is like a red shirt from Star Trek. And in a demented kind of way, that’s part of the fun.

Now, thanks to the funny folks over at The Warp Zone YouTube channel, via The Laughing Squid, we’ve learned of a lovely little video where they give lyrics to the intense and nerve wracking theme music from the series. They do a great job of reminding you that ever single place Rick Grimes and his group of survivors go, no matter how tranquil and zombie/psycho free said place seems to be at first, it’s guaranteed to eventually all go to hell. Because obviously Rick and company bring horrible juju with them wherever they go. THE WALKING DEAD's Theme Song Lyrics Are Really Sad_1

So when The Walking Dead returns for its mid-season season 8 premiere this weekend, you can now sing along to that theme song instead of fast forwarding through it. And if you enjoyed that video, the Warp Zone guys also have given lyrics to other famous wordless tunes from popular culture, like the cantina music from Star Wars, and even the theme from Stranger Things, and they’re all equally funny and worth checking out too. You’ll need to laugh to keep yourself from crying after this weekend’s Walking Dead episode anyway. Just sayin.’

What did you think of this latest video from the Warp Zone guys? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: AMC

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