THE WALKING DEAD: THE ONES WHO LIVE Gives Rick Grimes Renewed Motivation

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Episode four of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is the one that fans, especially Richonners, have dreamed of for a very, very long time. In The Walking Dead, we got some pretty hot moments between Rick and Michonne. But we never quite the level of, ahem, intimacy that Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s chemistry begs for. That talk aside, Michonne (rightly) elected to not immediately tell Rick about his son Rick, Jr. (More on that later.) Would they finally get on the same page about escaping? Can Rick actually break completely free from his fear and deep programming? This episode, brilliantly written by Danai Gurira, gives us answers to all of that. 

Rick and Michonne Reconcile in All the Right Ways

split image of rick and michonne in twd the ones who live she tells him about his son RJ

Imagine being separated from your spouse or love for years and thinking you’d never see them again. Fate brings you back together again and the fire between you is still alive, even in the midst of acute danger. It’s only a matter of time before you find a way to make it happen. In this episode, Rick and Michonne hole up in a rather well-preserved building with a pristine (and mysteriously functional apartment) after she flung them from a helicopter. In her defense, she needed to get him out of that oppressive and toxic environment so he could have more clarity.

They are quite angry with each other and get into a couple rounds of verbal sparring interspersed with some emotional moments. (But not before Rick gives Michonne a longing stare while she’s changing clothes.) Rick fears Jadis and the CRM will find them, kill them, and then kill their family and friends. Michonne wants Rick to push past his fear and try to fight back because that’s what they do. 

It seems they will go their separate ways for a minute after a heartbroken Michonne storms off in frustration. But, their crashed helicopter is blown up by yet another CRM helicopter to get rid of evidence of their existence, leading to a flood of walkers in the building. They fight the hoard (and Michonne nearly dies), which helps Rick realize that he cannot let her go home. The duo have a very emotional sex session on luxurious sheets in this decked out bedroom while the building starts crumbling around them. Love to see it. That’s some great motivation, indeed. The fire they had during their first kiss is still evident.

#TeamRichonne is back together again and they escape the building in a very convenient nearby vehicle. Are they going to the CRM to kill Jadis? We certainly hope so. They are presumed dead but Jadis and Pearl will probably be very, very suspicious. 

Rick Grimes Learns He Has a Son

Since the series’ debut, a large portion of fans wondered why Michonne didn’t immediately tell Rick Grimes about his son. As always, I will defend my queen Michonne with sound logic. When Michonne reunites with Rick, they are both in a state of shock. The duo are immediately trying to navigate how to get out of their situation without dying. That’s more than enough to occupy both of their minds. It is especially tough for Rick who has to help craft lies and cover for her. Michonne knows he’s doing all of this while grappling with the mental and emotional duress of the past few years.

Rick Grimes kneels on the ground in front of red CRM lights in the ones who live the walking dead
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She was likely waiting for a time where they weren’t under watchful eyes and when Rick seemed more capable to handle such jarring news. She wasn’t truly prepared to tell him, but her slip of words about their “children” happened when she was angrily addressing him. Even then, Rick still didn’t want to take the risk at first, which was understandable. Rick Grimes later opens up about how the CRM broke his dreams and spirit to the point that he felt like he lost his deceased son Carl and Michonne all over again. In a sense, Rick had to die in order to make it through the day. Poor Rick had to face the tragedy of nearly losing his wife and get repeatedly beaten over the head with sobering truths to make his choice. 

Where Are Rick and Michonne Going Next in The Ones Who Live?

Rick and Michonne hop on the road as a united front with a new determination. The pair will end up going back to the Civic Republic to attempt to take down this organization… or at least their biggest enemy. Michonne even laid out a plan: Go back to the Civic Republic, find Jadis’ evidence against them, kill her, and then finally go home. It’s a bit conflicting with her final words to Rick about going home and figuring it out together but the plan is the surefire way to maintain their safety.

Even though they seem to be heading towards Alexandria, surely something will stall their path and bring the Civic Republic back into the fold. Let’s see how it all goes down in the final two episodes.

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