THE WALKING DEAD Teased a Mystery 20th Anniversary Project and We Have Thoughts

In my mind (and maybe yours too), 1993 was only 20 years ago. But that’s sadly not true. Believe it or not, 2003 was twenty years ago. That explains why newer artists are sampling Beyoncé and Ashanti songs and making me feel ancient. As a fan of The Walking Dead comics and TV show, it’s truly dawning on me how much of my life I’ve spent with this universe. This October marks twenty years since comic fans met Rick Grimes in an apocalyptic world. Since then, The Walking Dead universe boasts several shows and games as it continues to expand. Fans are currently speculating what The Walking Dead will do next, especially after an official X (formerly Twitter) account posted a photo of a clapperboard to tease a new project. 

The caption simply says “Soon” along with the hashtag #TWD20. The clapperboard date is listed as September 26, which is when it went up on social media. Predictably, responses and thoughts flooded in with people wondering what it all means. The Walking Dead X account did strike down a theory about a Clementine show. While many fans love that storyline, it has nothing to do with the comics. And this is something that is likely tied to the comic stories in some way. 

What Kind of Project Is The Walking Dead Doing for Its 20th Anniversary?

Image Comics is already selling 20th anniversary box sets of The Walking Dead’s entire comic run. So perhaps this project is in conjunction with this special anniversary release. I can see a video series complete with commentary from Robert Kirkman and maybe a few of The Walking Dead TV show’s actors. Sure, the clapperboard says 9/26 but that could be from last year when The Walking Dead actors/writers filmed the project. A big anniversary is not something they would film at the last minute, after all. It would have likely happened long before the recent writers and actors’ strikes. 

an up close shot of a walker zombie from the walking dead

The special and secret 20th anniversary project for The Walking Dead could also be a documentary. It could span from the comic’s origins to the massive franchise it has become today. All of the ingredients for a great documentary are there: behind-the-scenes drama, shocking moments, and a meteoric rise that changed our TV landscape. 

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps The Walking Dead has a live-action spinoff project that celebrates the show’s history. Or, we will get an anniversary TV special with guests, fans, and much more to honor the show’s legacy. Who knows. No matter what, it’s truly incredible to see how far this universe has come in 20 years.

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