THE WALKING DEAD: DEAD CITY Rains Walkers and Sets Its June Release Date

The Walking Dead universe is going through a lot of changes in 2023. Less than a year after bidding farewell to the flagship series, the show’s first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, is bowing out after eight seasons. But, never fear TWD family, there’s plenty of zombies, action, and blood coming our way for the foreseeable future. We have a few upcoming spinoff series that will take The Walking Dead to new places with familiar faces. The first one up is The Walking Dead: Dead City, the Maggie and Negan series taking place in New York City. Until now, we only knew small bits of information with a few photos and a first look. But, The Walking Dead: Dead City gave fans more goods at WonderCon with a teaser trailer that gives us its release date.

It doesn’t seem like this trailer gives us much more info than the last peek at their adventures. We know that Hershel gets kidnapped, and Negan is somehow key to getting him back. Either way, it is still wild to see walkers literally falling from the sky, which Negan hilariously notes. The Walking Dead: Dead City teaser trailer gives the June 18 release date.

The Walking Dead Dead City spinoff teaser trailer shows a gross walker with long teeth new release date

Now, we finally know when all of this action will kick off, and will perhaps get a full trailer sometime soon. See you in the Big Apple soon.

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