THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON Brings Carol Back to Set Up Season 2

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Daryl Dixon’s spinoff series is nearly done with its first season already. So far, we have followed Daryl, Laurent, and Isabelle across France as they head towards the Nest, a safe place where Laurent can thrive. (Not really.) Of course, there have been violence and side quests in the mix but, in episode five, we finally someone who is dear to Daryl’s heart in the mix. In a flashback, Daryl Dixon finally gets radio contact home and speaks briefly with Carol, which brings her into the Walking Dead series for a very intriguing cameo. And, in the season finale, Carol makes her official appearance in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon to set up season two’s “The Book of Carol” chapter.

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First, let’s look back at that radio call. Daryl is at a strange trading post in Maine hoping to get extra gas to make it back to the Commonwealth. The problem is, these guys want people to round up walkers in exchange for goods. Daryl is suspicious but he does it anyway because he’s desperate. He discovers a radio and uses it to contact his home base. At first, it is hard to tell who he is talking to but Carol’s voice soon becomes clear. Plus, it makes sense that Daryl would reach out to her specifically because they are best friends.

He asks how she’s doing and Carol weirdly says it is taking time to get used to something. Daryl picks up on her discomfort right away and presses for more information. He promises to be home in about a week before Carol breaks up and says that “he” came back. They lose contact and the episode quickly moves past this exchange. 

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Who is the mysterious “he” who came back? Some fans will jump to the conclusion that it’s Rick Grimes. But that doesn’t really make sense based on Carol’s tone. She doesn’t sound too thrilled about whoever this “he” is being there or life in general for that matter. Plus we still have to see some events unfold with Rick and Michonne on The Ones Who Live.

It’s plausible another male threat came their way after the events of The Walking Dead’s last season. All of their other major enemies except Negan are dead and Negan is in NY under the thumb of the Dama. Even if Negan were free, he hasn’t been a threat in a long time. This is quite the mystery, indeed. 

We do know that Carol will play into The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season two with her own storyline that parallels Daryl’s adventures. In the finale, Carol appears in Freeport, Maine and discovers a dude riding Daryl’s bike. Of course, she kidnaps him for information, thus setting her path towards finding her best friend.

This teaser for season two reveals that “The Book of Carol” will be a major part of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon‘s future. It’s possible they will find themselves in a reunion next season. And the “he” is a mystery that certainly will trickle into season two as well. We can’t wait to see a Carol and Daryl reunion.

Originally published on October 8, 2023.

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