The Voyages of Marco Polo: The Most Incredible Adventure You’ll Never Play

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Voyages of Marco Polo from Z-Man Games is a 2-to 4-player dice placement strategy game where– you know what? What’s the point? This game has been out of print since 2015. Sure, I could tell you all about how it ranks amongst the top 40 board games of all time, or how it’s asymmetric characters and diverse city bonuses make it an excellent and highly replayable experience… but that would just be bragging, wouldn’t it? I have this game and you don’t. And you never will. I could tell you how planning your route across the continent to set up trading posts in key cities gives you the thrill of exploration, or how bartering at the bazaar for exotic silks and spices and using them to fulfill lucrative contracts makes you feel like a master trader. But the fact of the matter is Z-Man doesn’t want you to have it. And that’s all there is to it.

However, for you, perhaps I could be persuaded to make a trade for the game. Do you happen to have a pound of black pepper and a gold bar? I’m this close to completing this last contract…

After being whisked away to 13th century Venice, the ITB crew must retrace the steps of famed explorer Marco Polo and embark on a voyage into the orient. Adventure turns to misadventure as Jack is hired by a ambitious merchant, and George meets a spoiled and demanding princess. Meanwhile, Brandon stumbles on an assassination plot while Hana is beleaguered by an obsessive stalker. The first to make it to Beijing gains all the riches of Kublai Khan’s court!

Inside the Box is a comedy tabletop game review series. Watch as they bring their favorite board games to life with a mix of visual FX, cinematic presentation, and an alarmingly immature sense of humor.

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