You Can Own THE SHINING Axe That Jack Used to Chop Down a Door

“Here’s Johnny!” Those two words make up a truly iconic line that all The Shining fans love. Over 40 years later, the film still holds up as a psychological horror masterpiece as we watch Jack Torrance spiral into full-blown murder. A horror film’s protagonists and villains are obviously a key part of its success, but so are the weapons. In The Shining, it’s that infamous axe used to chop down a door so Jack could scare the hell out of poor Wendy Torrance. If there is a prop to add to your horror film collection, this is it. And guess what? You can actually bid on and possibly own The Shining axe because it is for sale. And yes, it is the actual one that Jack Nicholson uses in the film. 

This is possible through an auction by Gotta Have Rock & Roll. The collective is known for giving fans a chance to snap up some staples from pop culture history. The Shining axe is for sale with bidding live until April 29. It looks like it will set you back quite a bit with estimations of $60K-$90K as the final price. Of course, it is possible that some Richy Rich will swoop in and pay a million dollars for bragging rights. Hopefully, an everyday fan (with some extra cash) can score this find. Here’s the description of The Shining axe that’s for sale and its verification: 

This axe prop was screen used by actor Jack Nicholson in the ultimate horror film, “The Shining” directed by Stanley Kubrick. The axe prop is displayed in a 25 x 2.5 x 40.5 shadow box frame with photos from the film. Very good, screen used condition. Comes with a letter from NORANK Engineering, Engineers to the Film, Television and Entertainment Industry, dated June 8, 1989 stating that the axe prop was used in the film. Also comes with a Gotta Have Rock & Roll Certificate of Authenticity.
Jack Nicholson hits door with an axe in The Shining
Warner Bros.

That axe and its minimum bid of $50K might be too rich for your blood. (It certainly is for mine because I, like Jack, am a writer. But I do write more than the same line over and over again.) But there’s another option for us! There is a knife that Danny uses in The Shining up for grabs too. This is the one he wields while scribbling REDRUM on the door.

Its minimum bid is only a thousand dollars with the max expected price of $3K. So take your chances and see what happens…unless you are afraid of losing your mind.

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