THE SANDMAN Reveals Additional Footage Full of Lucifer Goodness

Netflix’s Geeked Week is coming back again this year for lots of great reveals. The streaming service will drop new trailers, photos, posters, and other cool tidbits from June 6-10 for your nerdy pleasure. Of course there’s some looks back at popular shows like Stranger Things 3 and The Umbrella Academy’s second season. And we know those shows are coming back really soon with fresh seasons and infinite drama. But the new fun is starting already for those who are dying for more The Sandman content. The Netflix Geeked Week trailer gives us more glimpses of the Neil Gaiman fantasy series, including a great look at The Sandman character Lucifer. (You can spot it around the :50 mark.)

It’s about ten seconds of new footage but that’s all we really need to see, right? Intriguing darkness, swirling ominous sand, and glimpses of Tom Sturridge and Gwendoline Christie as the titular character (also known as Morpheus) and Lucifer, respectively, are absolute gold.

photo of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer walking with wings and fire the sandman clip

Right now, the release date for this series isn’t known but perhaps that will be a part of the news during Geeked Week. They cannot give us everything at one time. We all know suspense makes people want to tune in even more. But it is certainly something wonderful to accompany the previous footage of The Sandman that we had before. And we are ready for much more of it as Geeked Week hits us with all the action. 

up close photo of Gwendoline Christie in The Sandman as lucifer

Previously, The Sandman’s official Twitter account asked fans to submit their questions for Geeked Week. That was a while ago but hopefully enough people got their inquiries in for some great reveals. Who will answer those questions? What will we learn? We can only wait and see. 

We have been summoned to this realm to dive into things unknown so let’s prepare for strange dreams, action, adventure, and an overall epic story.

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