Video Turns Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM into a Retro Video Game

Oh hai, readers. If, like us, you appreciate the finer things in life, you’re a big fan of Tommy Wiseau‘s movie The Room. It’s a movie that proves a film can be entertaining and memorable even if it does not feel bound by such archaic concepts as logic, taste, or a general understanding of basic storytelling. And we genuinely say all of that with love. We’ll always be fond of the film and its stars. We’re also fond of anything that celebrates one of Hollywood’s most infamous flicks. Like the one the internet has unearthed. It’s one of the best tributes to this timeless “classic” we’ve ever seen. It’s an old video that re-imagines The Room as a turn-based role playing video game.

This video (that we first learned about at Boing Boing) comes from the YouTube channel Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho. It features hunky, powered-up versions of Johnny and Mark taking on the notorious Chris R. You’ll remember him (maybe?) from the film as the drug-dealer who wanted to kill Denny. His character might not have seemed that important in the movie, but that’s because he wasn’t. At least he wasn’t to the plot. He did play a vital role in setting the tone for what was to come.

But in this retro RPG you can tear him apart with the power of a water bottle, The Room video game’s greatest weapon. In the right hands it can wreak havoc on anyone, especially an audience. If that doesn’t work you can try hitting him with a football, which we all know is always around anytime someone inexplicably feels like playing catch in a tuxedo.

The Room re-imagined as a role-playing turn-based game with Johnny and Mark fighting Chris R.
Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho

And if all else fails you can finally try to “glamour” Chris R. It’s an option that proves the game’s creators love The Room just as much as we do. Because nothing shows appreciation like making sure everyone else sees Johnny and Mark in the best possible light.

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