The ROGUE ONE Cast Describes Their STAR WARS Experience in This Adorable Video

Guys, we’re only four days away from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters and furthering our lifelong quest to absorb as many forms of Star Wars-related media as possible. Before that, though, the principal cast sat down with Vanity Fair to film a super endearing video in which they tell us a bit more about the upcoming film from their own perspectives.

In the movie, Jyn Erso is recruited by the Rebel Alliance to steal design schematics for the Death Star from the Galactic Empire, but Felicity Jones describes her character more personally as “a force of nature on a quest to find her father.” Donnie Yen, who plays warrior Chirrut Îmwe, thinks his role is that of a real Renaissance man—”Spiritual… sensitive… bad-ass… blind”—whereas Riz Ahmed and Alan Tudyk, who play Bodhi Rook and K-S20, were more literal with their descriptions: “Bodhi Rook is an Imperial cargo pilot,” and “droid who was formally of the Empire and now he’s on the Rebels’ side,” respectively.Elsewhere in the clip, the cast simply shows off their fun side. Ahmed took exception with the time-honored and beloved Stormtrooper costume, making what’s honestly a pretty strong case: “The uniforms are completely impractical. They’re all white, and the Stormtroopers look filthy.” The cast also takes time to describe the film’s plot, argue about what the best previous Star Wars film is, and otherwise keep us optimistic about the fun characters we’ll encounter when Rogue One finally hits theaters on the 16th.

What’s your favorite part of the video? Let us know!

Featured image: Vanity Fair

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