Someone Recreated THE RING in Real Life (with AR)

The Ring will likely go down as a modern horror classic. A remake of a Japanese horror film, Ringu, Gore Verbinski’s The Ring managed to absolutely mesmerize and terrify audiences, setting off a wave of American remakes of excellent Japanese horror like The Grudge (Ju-On) franchise. The film’s big bad, Samara, and her iconic look of a tattered white dress with long, stringy locks obscuring her face became a bit of a horror staple. But the scariest thing about Samara is how she’d find her way into your presence: by crawling right out of your TV and into your home.

Designer Abhishek Singh managed to revive the terror we all felt the first time we saw The Ring by recreating the iconic scene with the help of augmented reality. The video shows someone investigating a regular television screen that suddenly turns on and plays a video of Samara climbing out of a well, and ultimately out of the television itself. Samara ends up chasing our hero throughout the halls of his office, and things ultimately don’t appear to end super well for Samara’s latest target.

We love Singh’s idea to bring Samara to life in new ways using AR. Don’t get us wrong, the video is absolutely terrifying, and getting chased through hallways by a ghost—even a virtual one—gets a big fat NOPE from us. However, this melding of AR and horror is really exciting, and as movies and games lean into VR and AR tech more, it’ll totally change the way we get our spooky content.

This isn’t the first time that Singh has used augmented reality to turn the world around us into something fantastic. In 2017, Singh created an incredibly creative video that turned Super Marios Bros. into an AR game, and the video was a ton of fun to watch. You can head to Singh’s website to see some of his other work.

What do you think of this Singh’s Ring video? What other classic horror villains would you like to see come to life in AR? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Abhishek Singh

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