THE RAID Gets a Bone-Crunching Sequel Comic Series (Exclusive)

In 2011, an Indonesian martial arts movie took the world by storm, achieving instant cult status thanks to its stylish action, savage fight scenes, and electrifying story of a SWAT team trapped in a tenement building by a vicious crime lord. The only way to escape this death trap was by climbing to the top, which they did, floor by floor and punch by punch. That movie was  The Raid and, at a time where quick cuts and muddy choreography seemed the norm for action movies, it felt like a cinematic thunderclap. In Iko Uwais, an action star was born and legions of fans were left hungry for more. In 2014, they were treated to The Raid: Redemption, with the promise of a third film on the way. While we don’t know the status of that movie, Nerdist has your exclusive first-look at the next chapter in the thrilling The Raid saga.

The Raid‘s story will continue in a brand new comic book series from Titan Comics, written by Ollie Masters (The Kitchen) and Alex Paknadel (Assassin’s Creed: Uprising) and illustrated by Budi Setiawan (Savage Dragon) and Brad Simpson (Wolfenstein). Overseen by The Raid director Gareth Evans, this series expands on the mythos established by the first two films to tell the never-before-told story of Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man. The first issue of this four-part series hits store shelves in August 2018, but in advance of its release Nerdist has a collection of variant covers, as well as interior art for the series.Here is a preview of the variant covers:

The Raid Issue #1 Cover A: Ben Oliver

The Raid Issue #1 Cover B: Photo

The Raid Issue #1 Cover C: John McCrea

The Raid Issue #1 Cover D: Budi Setiawan

Here is a preview of the interior art.

Titan Comics The Raid #1 is available this August.

Images: Titan Comics

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