Fans Prove a PRINCESS BRIDE Theme Park Ride Isn’t Inconceivable

If you’ve ever hoped you would see The Princess Bride as a theme park attraction, then Jon Plsek and Olivia West have something to say to you: As you wish. Plsek and West, a concept artist and a concept writer for Universal, respectively, tackled this fan project purely for fun. So, no, it is not a design for a ride currently development, but the attraction, the Princess Ride, is so inconceivably awesome that we can’t be sad.

Look and be sure to click to enlarge.

Plsek and West reimagined the story of The Princess Bride in boat ride form. Think of Disney‘s Pirates of the Caribbean but with vignettes and moments from the movie about Westley and Buttercup. You begin with learning about Buttercup and the Farm Boy and then ride through adventures featuring animatronics performing all the best scenes in the films.

Swordfights. Fire effects. A R.O.U.S. attack. A strong story. Yeah, this ride has everything. It would be such a unique way to experience the movie, especially considering so many have seen The Princess Bride over and over.

And if, like Fred Savage, you’re wondering where the bedroom is, Plsek said it would be part of the queue. Genius.

You can view more photos of each section of the ride at Plsek’s ArtStation page. You can see more of his projects at his website and keep up with West on Twitter.

Which elements of this ride design are your favorite? How long would you wait in line to take a trip on a Princess Bride boat ride? Descend the Cliffs of Insanity and tell me in the comments.

Images: Jon Plsek and Olivia West

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter.

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