THE POWER Trailer Is an Electrifying Trip Into a Brave New World

When Beyoncé said that girls run the world, I don’t think she had this in mind. Imagine a world much like ours, bending under centuries of patriarchy, conflict, and pain. But, the dynamic in that world suddenly changes when teen girls discover that they have electric powers. What happens when they can make others bend to their will? For some of them, it’s an opportunity to finally get what they’ve desired or to be truly seen for the first time. For others, it is a chance to break free from what binds them, whether it is life circumstances or their own fears. This is what we will see in The Power, a Prime Video series with a truly electrifying first trailer. 

For those who don’t know, The Power is based on British author Naomi Alderman’s New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. As we see in The Power‘s trailer, a group of girls from various places around the world utilize their newfound powers to disrupt imbalances around the world. There’s a great balance of action, drama, and sci-fi, much like we’ve seen previously in the Paper Girls universe. However, watching those teens sprint across a field and uncover their true selves certainly has a Yellowjackets feel to it. And that’s a great thing, especially considering the showrunner is Raelle Tucker of True Blood and Jessica Jones fame.

split image of a girl in a white dress with blood on it in blue tinged room, a black girl with braids at a fish tank, and a native girl with a burning book in her hand
Ludovic Robert/Katie Yu/Prime Video

The series will hit Prime Video with its first three episodes on March 31. Then, fans can tune in weekly for the remainder of the season, with the finale airing on May 12. This release schedule is standard for Prime Video, with The Boys and The Wheel of Time using this model. It works well by reeling you in just enough so you can’t stop watching. Very clever, indeed. Now, we can’t wait to see how this ensemble comes together and sets the world ablaze (probably in the best way).

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