THE OA Season 2 Trailer Travels to an Alternate Universe

It’s been more than two years since Netflix dropped the first season of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s The OA, a sci-fi series so elaborate and strange that it was instantly divisive.

Marling stars as Prairie Johnson, an adopted blind woman who is abducted by a man fascinated by a near-death experience that she had in her youth. After years in captivity, Prairie escapes, refers to herself as OA—or, Original Angel—and claims she has the key to unlocking entry to another universe.

In the finale of that eight-episode first season, she appears to successfully cross over, where she hopes to save the people held in captivity with her. Now, the first trailer for season two has arrived to confirm we have indeed entered another universe with OA, where things look too good to be true.

As we see right away, it’s 2016 in this other world, but Barack Obama is not the president, or even a known person at all. After realizing she made the “jump” safe and sound, Prairie is taken to her home, a beautiful San Francisco apartment. Life is way better in this world, where she was never kidnapped, and lives on the elite West Coast instead of the dreary rural Midwest.

“We traveled into another dimension, into better versions of ourselves,” says Jason Issac’s Hap, the man who kidnapped Prairie and kept her in basement captivity. He’s also made the jump, where he has a fancy new beard and a way better attitude. “Do you understand what we’re on the edge of here? It’s god-like, Prairie.”

We have no idea what that could imply, but it does look like this season will be more than just fun times in a new world. Prairie is lured into a missing person’s case by a new character, private eye Karim Washington (Kingsley Ben-Adir), in what Batmanglij told Entertainment Weekly is a very “noir” season. Meanwhile, the schoolboys OA befriended back home are still in the first universe, on a journey to discover the truths behind this mysterious woman and the nature of her abilities.

Sounds like there will be a lot to unpack when The OA: Part II transports itself to Netflix on March 22.

Images: Netflix

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