The New Reason SMASH BROS. Fans are Furious at Nintendo about Waluigi

During their E3 presentation this summer, Nintendo thrilled fans when they announced players would be able to use every single character from previous Smash Bros. games for the all new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That euphoria was short lived though after it was discovered one beloved, purple-clad, thin mustachioed figure was not actually included in the game’s lengthy character options.As you’d expect, the internet lost its mind over the inexplicable exclusion and began a campaign demanding his return. Surely this was a strange oversight, and Nintendo planned on fixing their error eventually, right? Maybe not, because as today’s Nerdist News explains, fans have a whole new reason to call the WAH-mbulance after the game’s latest announcement left Waliugi on the sidelines for some shrubbery.[brightcove video_id=”5856498299001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]Join host Jessica Chobot as she goes through the latest Nintendo announcement of two new characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including who will be available as downloadable content. Or rather, playable plants, because while we still don’t have any timeline on when–or even if–we will ever see Waluigi’s beautiful sneer suiting up in the fighting arena, we now know Nintendo will plant vegetation into our options.It’s not all bad news though. The internet didn’t disappoint with their reactions, and it’s always possible this is all part of Nintendo’s grand plan to gain more attention when they finally give everyone what they want.Because they know what we want–we want Waluigi. And if we don’t get it, they know wah we’ll be yelling until we do.

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