Artist Turns THE MUPPETS Into Famous Horror Movie Characters

The Muppets don’t exactly scream “horror.” Unless you insult Miss Piggy’s hair, that lovable group doesn’t seem capable of hurting—or even scaring—anyone. But during the Halloween season the right costume can turn even the most wholesome person into a frightening figure. And that’s what one artist has done with his fun series “ The Muppet Maniac.” It re-imagines The Muppets as infamous scary movie characters.

The Muppets as horror movie charactersJason Beck

Artist Jason Beck says he really enjoys “mashing things up…especially things that are considered cute with things that are gruesome.” He did just that with his fantastic Muppets and horror movie crossover.

He turned those lovable characters into some of cinema’s most notorious killers and supernatural beings.

The Muppets as horror movie charactersJason Beck

The collection includes:

–Gonzo as Jason Voorhees, with Camilla as Mrs. Voorhees
–Fozzie as Freddy Krueger
–Miss Piggy as Carrie White
–Kermit as Norman Bates
–Beaker as Michael Myers, with Dr. Bunson Honeydew as Dr. Loomis
–Swedish Chef as Leatherface
–Animal as Buffalo Bill
–Rowlf as Hannibal Lecter
–Sam the Eagle as Pinhead
–Scooter as Chucky
–Electric Mayhem as Capt. Spaulding and the Firefly Family
–Statler and Waldorf as The Grady Twins

The Muppets as horror movie charactersJason Beck

Beck says he had three parameters for the series: 1) “Don’t make them do poses/expressions their physical counterparts are incapable of.” 2) “Don’t spend more than 5-6 hours on each one” (though he violated that rule at least a couple times). And 3) “don’t go *over* the line of good taste…just find the line.”

He found it, because these are definitely not in bad taste. Thanks to his bright, lively colors and playful style, The Muppets are still kind of cute even as sociopaths. Some are downright funny, like Gonzo as Jason and Scooter as Chucky. And a few are truly inspired crossovers. The Swedish Chef as Leatherface, fittingly, deserves a chef’s kiss. Electric Mayhem as Capt. Spaulding and the Firefly Family is so perfect we’re ready for Rob Zombie’s all Muppet-remake. And Animal as Buffalo Bill is so spot-on it would even leave Hannibal Lecter speechless.

The Muppets as horror movie charactersJason Beck

You can purchase all of these works at Beck’s Redbubble page. They are available as prints, and you can also get them on a number of different items. Also make sure you check out more of his work at his Instagram page.

And try not to be too frightened the next time you see The Muppets. Unless someone has insulted Miss Piggy. Then prepare for a Carrie-like outcome.

Featured Image: Jason Beck

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