The Most Terrifying Enemy in Fallout 4

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For those brave (or fool-hearty) enough to test themselves against the Boston wastelands of Fallout 4, there are many dangers to avoid. Hulking super mutants with rocket launchers lurk within dilapidated factories. Feral ghouls roam in packs, hungrily waiting for a tasty traveler to cross their paths. You’ll find yourself set upon by mirelurks, harassed by rad scorpions, bitten by blood bugs, bothered by bloatflies, and terrorized by the occasional swan, but nothing quite compares to the sheer terror that a raging Deathclaw can evoke. Gut-wrenching would be both an accurate description.

These devastating predators earn their name well and are more than capable of shredding would-be adventurers to bits. And for those lucky enough to get out of claw’s reach, the Deathclaw will simply wait, patiently biding its time while its prey’s ammo runs out, their resignation takes hold, and for their inevitable surrender to the Deathclaw’s eviscerating embrace. Yes, the Deathclaw can and should be considered the pinnacle of hunting prowess. It has hungrily stalked even the greatest travelers to their demise, and for the few who have managed to evade their fates, the Deathclaw will simply haunt their dreams, making them the absolute alpha-predator of the wastes.

Until now, that is.

Behold: the Machoclaw in all its horrifying glory.

As an aside, I also have to say, that Macho Man Randy Savage will now be starring in my nightmares for a good long while.

Featured Image Credit:  AronaxAE and FancyPants

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