The Many Ways Deadpool Spent Halloween

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Deadpool is a lovable, wise-cracking, fourth wall breaking antihero with a face only a demoness could love. So how does he choose to spend his Halloween? Ryan Reynolds recently released a video showing us exactly what our lycra-clad lunatic was up to this year.

I’m sure taunting pint sized X-Men on the spookiest night of the year isn’t the only way Deadpool gets down. Here are a few activities we could see Deadpool doing to celebrate the holiday.

  • Handing out warm, bean burritos with no wrapping paper to trick-o-treaters.
  • Dressing up with Shiklah as Beauty and the Beast (Wade would probably insist on being Belle).
  • Leaving a flaming poop in the shape of a hand, on Doctor Bong’s doorstep.
  • Rolling around in 80 lbs of candy corn.
  • Stealing Spiderman’s webshooters so he can decorate Halloween party in real webs.
  • Putting on a striped sweater and shoving knives in his hands so he can say he’s Freddy Kruger.
  • Using an Uzi to carve pumpkins.
  • Toilet papering Hawkeye’s apartment… from the inside (Always go with full sized candy bars).

Image Credit: Marvel

What sort of shennanigans do you think Deadpool would get up to? What do you think his favorite costumes would be? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Reynolds

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