THE MANDALORIAN Goes to Battle in Season One VFX Reel

Fans are already gearing up for season two of The Mandalorian, which is currently in post-production. The show finished filming before COVID-19 led to almost every show and movie shutting down. Before we get there though there’s still so much to explore about the first season, including how the Disney+ series looks so good. Jon Favreau’s story about a bounty hunter and his “asset” made the galaxy far, far away feel real and lived in. Part of that was due to its use of stunning and immersive 360-degree virtual sets, but the series still also relied on a lot of special effects. And a new VFX reel highlights just how many computer-generated shots were needed. That includes digitally creating many of worlds and ships Mando visited, his friends and enemies, and also some reluctant colleagues.

Because you need an entire fleet of Mandalorians to create one of  Star Wars most memorable battles.


The visual effects and animation studio Imagine Engine shared a new behind-the-scenes look (which we first saw at io9) at the work it did creating the fantastic special effects of The Mandalorian. Sometimes that was as “simple” as creating a realistic rain storm for Mando and Kuiil to brave. Others involved rendering sets to look as full and authentic as any you might walk down yourself. Only on these streets you might run into some droids or creatures with blasters.

But the highlight of this VFX reel is the memorable sequence when the rest of the Mandalorians came to the rescue. They fell from the sky to help Mando rescue Baby Yoda. That sequence required every special effect trick, including making the setting, weather, weapons, and characters.

THE MANDALORIAN Goes to Battle in Season One VFX Reel_1Imagine Engine

This reel also highlights just how good the show’s special effects were in season one. There are are a lot of shots here, and this video mostly covers just two episodes. Yet the show never felt effects heavy, which is a big reason why audiences connected with it.

It’s hard to imagine how season two can top it. But we’re ready for it, even if there’s still a lot to learn about season one.

Featured Image: Imagine Engine

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