Channing Tatum Is Somehow Indiana Jones and Fabio in THE LOST CITY

Writing a fictional story is such an incredible and interesting endeavor. The power of creating characters, crafting a lush setting, and having godlike control over what happens? Sign us up. But what if your tales led you into a wacky and dangerous adventure with a weirdo who hopes you can help them find hidden treasure? And what happens when your fictional character comes to life? That’s what happens in The Lost City, a comedic romance adventure movie heading our way on March 25. The cast is perfection and The Lost City trailer sets up a wild journey of kidnapping, love, and trying to prove your worth.

Sandra Bullock plays Loretta Sage, an author who writes romantic adventure novels. Her books are always in exotic locales, following a handsome hero named Dash. He’s like a mix between Indiana Jones (but maybe less intelligent) and Fabio. In real life, Alan (Channing Tatum) is the cover model for her books. And, in a sense, he’s sort of lost his identity to this character.

In The Lost City trailer, Loretta is clearly annoyed by Alan’s ego. But that becomes the least of her problems when during a book promotion tour. A weird billionaire ( Daniel Radcliffe does eccentric so well) kidnaps Loretta in hopes that she will help him find an ancient city’s hidden fortunes. Because, well, I guess he doesn’t have enough money already. And writing a slew of romance books makes Loretta an expert at hunting for treasure. It does not make any sense but it is so fun to watch Bullock and Radcliffe play off each other. Sandra really can do anything from comedy to blindfolded apocalyptic drama.

Channing Tatum as Fabio in The Lost City trailer
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Just when you think it can’t get any wackier, it does. Alan, who again is a hot model and not an adventure hero, decides that he must go and rescue her. Hilarious. I suppose his motive makes sense considering that she’s been the key to his success so far. If she dies, so does Dash and his career. Oh, and there’s also a Brad Pitt appearance. So much going on! The Lost City trailer is truly a fun romp that makes you want to add it to your 2022 nonsensical yet funny film lineup.

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