The CW’s LOST BOYS Reboot Finds A Fresh Cast

The Lost Boys movie is a horror comedy classic, with a story of two brothers discovering that their coastal California town is filled with hairspray and leather jacket wearing vampires. Last year, it was announced Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and Heather Mitchell would be adapting the film into a TV series with a new spin on the story. While The CW passed on the reboot’s initial pilot, according to Deadline, The Lost Boys revamped its pilot and found a fresh-faced cast.

In this version of The Lost Boys, a mom and her young sons move to her North Carolina hometown near the ocean. The brothers meet the local cool kids whom all seem to sleep during the day and party at night because, hello, they are clearly vampires. A struggle will go down as they learn more about these creatures and try to resist the peer pressure to become forever young.

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Newcomer and North Carolina native Branden Cook will now star as the main protagonist Garrett, the older brother who moves with his mom. This means he will basically be a version of the infamous Michael from the movie. The casting for the younger brother hasn’t been revealed at this time but it’s pretty cool to have a Black lead in a vampire series. Cook is also set to star in Lena Dunham’s upcoming HBO show Industry.

Lincoln Younes (Grand Hotel) will take on the primary antagonist role as Benjamin, the leader of the vampire gang. Played by Kiefer Sutherland in the film, this character was named David and played a major role in initiating Michael into the vampire fold. Will Benjamin offer Garrett some Chinese food or a bottle of blood? Does he also have a wild haircut and sinister laugh? Maybe.

The lost boys CW show

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Castle Rock alum Ruby Cruz rounds out the casting announcement as Elise, the love interest of Garrett. The movie version of this character, Star, is the primary reason why Michael becomes wrapped up in this group.

It will be interesting to see who will portray Garrett’s brother and mom as well as the other members of the vampire crew. And maybe this version will have someone like Grandpa who is well-aware what’s going on and acts like it’s pretty much normal.

The previous iteration of The CW’s Lost Boys pilot starred Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey in what was more of a straight up remake of the film. While the reboot followed the basic plot of the original film in a new location, it did make a significant change and in gender swapping the Frog Brothers to the Frog Sisters. According to Deadline, Sarah Hay (Flesh and Bone), Cheyenne Haynes (Camping), and Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) would portray Mollie (a completely original character) and the Frog Sisters Liza and Cassie, respectively.

There’s no official word on when (or if) The Lost Boys is coming to The CW in the 2020 TV season but until then the movie can satisfy those nostalgic feels.

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