THE LORD OF THE RINGS Enamel Pins From NZ Post Reveal the Beauty of the Movies

If you’re like me, the sheer scale and majesty of the Gates of Argonath from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie always steal your breath. More than any other moment, this one makes me feel as though I’m immersed in a real world. A sense of rich history steeps into the land itself. And now, NZ Post has captured the majesty of that scene, and a few others, and miniaturized their wonder. You couldn’t carry around the Gates of Argonath to show your love for The Lord of the Rings. However, you can don this enamel pin and highlight the beauty and intricacy of the movies in a whole new way. Let’s take a look at these precious pins.

The Lord of the Rings LOTR NZ Post enamel pin showing the gates of Argonath
NZ Post

The three new pins from NZ Post come in celebration of The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King‘s 20th anniversary. The New Zealand-based organization has already treated us to a myriad of The Lord of the Rings fancies worthy of the best dwarven hoard, including stamps that are more like tiny artworks, gorgeous collectible coins, and past pins that us pledge our allegiance to Sauron, if that tickles our fancy. Along with Argonath, these latest The Lord of the Rings pins reveal other moments of hope and wonder from the franchise.

The Lord of the Rings LOTR NZ Post enamel pin showing Gandalf sending a Moth for help
NZ Post

The “Gwaihir Go” pin “[features] an homage to the moment in The Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf sent a moth as a messenger to the eagle Gwaihir, asking for rescue.” We know, of course, that Gandalf is rescued. The little moth actually symbolizes one of The Lord of the Rings‘ prominent themes. There is always hope in the darkest of times. We love seeing him take flight.

The Lord of the Rings LOTR NZ Post enamel pin showing Treebeard
NZ Post

Meanwhile, the Treebird pin gives one of our favorite characters his due. Treebird rises as an unlikely ally right as Merry and Pippin believe that all hope is lost. The Ents are a delightful Middle-earth race, and they make for a lovely pin too.

The Lord of the Rings NZ Post LOTR enamel pins
NZ Post

I have to say, the color work on these pins is marvelous. Each one is incredibly different but evocative in its own right. We can feel the magic of The Lord of the Rings seeping out of these enamel pins. NZ Post’s The Lord of the Rings collectables continue to be on point. And it’s no wonder, with New Zealand as the very inspiration for the look of the movies. Recently, I learned that New Zealand was an early adopter of pictorial stamps, bringing to life stamps that were beautiful as well as practical. And that legacy continues with the country’s The Lord of the Rings celebrations. We can’t wait to see what homages NZ Post will release next.

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