THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: THE WIND WAKER Is Depicted in 78,000 Dominoes

It’s been 13 years since we were introduced to “Toon Link,” the cell-shaded variant of the legendary video game protagonist featured in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. All these years later, one of the GameCube’s finest titles is still worth celebrating. That’s why  The Domino King recently spent three weeks hard at work on a tribute to the game in the medium he knows best: dominoes, using 78,175 thousand of them to bring his work to life.

The poke of a single domino starts a chain that features on a bunch of key elements from the game, and a chain that presumably took up most of the floor space in The Domino King’s castle. Actually, The Domino King writes in the video’s description that each scene was staged individually and edited together to look like a continuous reaction. But we’re left no less impressed.It begins with the title screen before transitioning into an assortment of rupees, followed by portraits of Link, Aryll, Tetra, Zelda, The King of Red Lions, and Ganondorf. One of the most underratedly satisfying parts of this (and most other well-done) domino videos is how the images are somewhat dark when the dominoes are standing due to the shadows between them, but then they brighten up with the dominoes have fallen, almost like the picture was waiting to be presented to you.

The difference is minimal, but it’s the little things that count the most sometimes. To see more of what we mean, we’ve previously fawned over The Domino King’s 80,000-domino tribute to Super Mario World, which you can check out here.

Featured image: The Domino King/YouTube

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