THE LEGEND OF ZELDA 3D Map Makes Us Want To Revisit Hyrule

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Thirty years ago, Nintendo unleashed the original Legend of Zelda on the NES and started one of the greatest franchises in gaming history. The Legend of Zelda still endures after all of these years, and it’s even one of the featured titles of the NES Classic Edition. As classic gamers and a new generation of players explore the game, there’s at least one fan who has the ultimate Zelda map to guide his way!

Via Kotaku, Willard McFarland recently purchased a fan-created 3D printed replica of The Legend of Zelda’s overworld. And as you can see from the photos by McFarland that were posted by writer Mike Matei, it’s a thing of beauty.

The original report about this creation surfaced at Retro Gaming Magazine, which added that the creator of the map spent “over six months building this world map for the first Legend of Zelda in Minecraft. The seller then apparently exported the file and 3D printed it…Then after 24 hours of 3D printing going back and forth, another six hours was spent painting it.”

Whoever created this map had to be a hardcore Zelda fan, as it features an amazing level of detail throughout. But perhaps the most shocking thing is that the seller let it go for only $100. Somehow, we think that it could have gone for a much higher price.

This is such an amazing piece of Zelda fandom that it’s a shame that it’s only a one-of-a-kind collectible. If Nintendo was ever interested in mass producing a similar Zelda 3D map that came close to this level of quality, we’d throw our money at it in an instant!

What did you think about the Zelda 3D map? Explore your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Credits:  Willard McFarland

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