The Legeaux Gastronomique: Serving Dinner Brick By Brick

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Customization has always been the core of LEGO’s appeal. If sets come with instructions, fans are still encouraged to use the pieces to make their own creations. There are, in fact, countless videos online showing how crafty engineers have built impressive, working gadgets out of these colorful bricks. We’ll focus on the food-related ones today, though, because we’re kinda hungry, but too amazed at these awesome videos to go get a snack.

LEGO Sushi Bar

How much creative density can you pack into a tiny space? Or into 30 seconds? If you think a glance reveals everything you need to know about Dr. Pei‘s mini sushi bar, take another look. There’s much more to it than the motor-run conveyor belt. Notice the news crew reporting on this bar’s opening. Or the passion in the katana-wielding chefs’s faces. And is that BB-8 being served on the sushi belt?! This is an entire LEGO microcosm. If only the sushi weren’t too small, and plastic, for anybody to actually eat…

LEGO Capsule Dispenser

Dr. Pei’s other creation dispenses capsule (little balls containing even littler toys). Drop a coin in, twist the crank, and voila! Given how the capsules seem to share the dimensions of gumballs, though, there’s probably no reason this couldn’t stock real candy, too. And if you’re honestly concerned about how sanitary it’d be to keep actual edibles inside these plastic bricks, you clearly haven’t observed the gumballs in dispensers at the mallnor pondered how many years they’ve just been sitting there.

LEGO McNuggets Vending Machine

The Astonishing Studios channel shows that LEGO is, in fact, capable of delivering food you can eat. For real. These bricks enable thinking so far outside-the-box, they’ve even invented completely new vending machines. Case in point. Ever wanted to bypass lines on the way to your McFix? Well, just drop some coins in here, and some nuggets and sauce will appear! The latter half of this clip even reveals the nitty-gritty engineering details, like how the slot accepts and rejects specific coins. Practical on so many levels.

LEGO Cheerios Mixer

Now, here’s the kind of practical whimsy only ever seen at Pee-Wee’s playhouse. Astonishing Studios’ engineer states his problem, “As a student busy with school and YouTube, I rarely find the time to eat breakfast.” Then, he uses LEGO bricks to build a solution: an on-the-go breakfast one might eat just before speeding off on a magic bike. The only drawback lies in the milk, perhaps. While the dispenser has a reliable stopper that prevents spilling, there’s no cooling unit, so we’re talking about a warmer bowl of O’s here. And you shouldn’t leave the machine out overnight unless you want some stench.

Ultimate LEGO Coke Vending Machine

As the title plainly states, Electry Dragonite‘s creation might be the apotheosis of food-by-LEGO. It’s an ultimate LEGO-made machine: built-in cooling system, four-flavor selection, laser-enabled refund system, and code-opened coin compartment which allows vendors to collect their monies afterward. If it weren’t so easy for crooks to smash it open with a hammer and collect its cans and change, there’d be little reason barring this from use in the “real world,” too.

What’s the coolest, craftiest custom culinary construct you’ve ever made out of LEGO? Or have you seen any vids like these which deserve attention? Fill the talkback up!

Featured Image Credit:  peisan

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