The Latest SAILOR MOON Funko Pop!s and Keychains Are Too Cute

Remember how it used to be hard to find cool Sailor Moon merchandise that wasn’t an overly priced Japanese import in the States? Well, times have changed, as a new wave of Sailor Moonmerch is on its way, thanks to the amazing folks over at Funko, who released a wave of Sailor Moon vinyl figures not too long ago. Not only is there are new wave of Funko Pop!s on the way, but so is a set of Sailor Moon key chains as well, so you can take the girls with you wherever you go.

The latest wave of Sailor Moon Pop!s includes the characters of Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Uranus, who comes complete with her Space Sword Also in this wave are the law abiding Sailor Pluto, and even Sailor Chibi Moon. Also, fans will want to be on the lookout for the commander of the Dark Kingdom/Queen Beryl exclusive, which will only be available at at Toys “R’” Us locations. In addition, a glitter version of Sailor Chibi Moon can be found as a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

As if that wasn’t enough Sailor Moon goodness for ya, all you ’90s kids out there will also be able to purchase a pair of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon Pop! Keychains. Both the Funko Pop!s and the keychains will become available starting in November. You can check out images of both the new wave of Pop!s and the keychains in our gallery down below.

Do you just love these Sailor Moon figures as much as we do? Be sure to let us know what you think down below in the comments.

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