THE LAST STARFIGHTER Sequel Being Developed

In 1984, Alex Rogan was just “a small town boy with big time dreams,” but what do you think he is up to in 2019? Has he managed to rebuild the Star League? And did he manage to bring Xur to justice? We might finally get answers to those questions soon, because a sequel to The Last Starfighter is in the works.

Writer Gary Whitta, who co-developed the story for Rogue One, posted on Twitter that he is working as writer and producer on a sequel 35 years in the making. Whitta and Jonathan Betuel, the writer and creator of The Last Starfighter, have been working on a followup to the sci-fi classic.

Last year Whitta shared concept art done by Rogue One‘s Matt Allsopp for the movie, which features some gorgeous renderings of the film’s ships and space docks.

The Last Starfighter was one of the first CGI-heavy movies ever made, which makes it an important film in the history of cinema. Obviously though these images make the world of the Frontier and Rylos look far more beautiful than it did in the movie.

Some speculated these renderings meant a sequel to the film. The film’s ending was practically begging for a followup, considering the state of the Frontier, Xur’s escape, and Alex’s younger brother Louis beginning his own “training.” Whitta has cleared up any confusion by confirming a sequel is under development.

Will the original cast return? How much of a direct sequel to Alex’s story will it be? We’re not sure, but we have some big time dreams what it could be.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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