THE LAST OF US Board Game Will Bring Clickers, Ellie, and Joel to Tabletops

Video games, even the best of the best, don’t always translate well to live-action. We’re not worried about HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us series living up to expectations, though. It has an absolutely amazing cast to bring its incredible story to life. And everything we’ve seen from the show so far looks amazing. But if it doesn’t live up to the hype, it won’t be the end of the world. We’ll soon have another new way to get our fill of Clickers. Naughty Dog has announced it has partnered with Themeborne on a new The Last of Us: Escape the Dark board game.

The Last of Us Board Game banner with title and boxx
Naughty Dog/Themeborne

The Kickstarter for Naughty Dog’s new The Last of Us board game will go live on November 9. We’ll have to wait until then for more specifics on the game, including its supporter tier prices. But we have some idea of what to expect. Naughty Dog’s announcement cited Themeborne’s previous Escape the Dark entries, which include Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector.

Naughty Dog also highlighted how Themeborne’s series “values cooperative and easy-to-understand gameplay” and features “seriously beautiful black-and-white illustrated chapter cards that players work to resolve together, overcoming challenges and creating new paths each time they play so no two games are quite alike.” The co-op element is a fitting one for this story. And the black-and-white aesthetic will make for one gorgeous The Last of Us board game. (Who knew a world overrun by disease and monsters could look so good?)

The Last of Us Board Game made in black and white open and set up with the box in the back
Naughty Dog/Themeborne

The game will also include the franchise’s two most important characters. The tabletop adventure will provide a “fascinating take on Joel and Ellie’s adventure.” So expect to cry at the game’s conclusion.

If you’re eager for yet another way to explore this post-apocalyptic world, get in early. The Kickstarter will give fans an opportunity to buy an exclusive collector’s edition of The Last of Us‘ board game. And if HBO’s The Last of Us is everything we hope it will be, that will be quite an unexpectedly delightful combo for video game fans.

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