THE LAST JEDI Concept Designer Shares Art and Behind-The-Scenes Porg Photos

Like every chapter in the Star Wars saga before it, The Last Jedi was filled with an assortment of amazing creatures and aliens. But all of these new life forms came from a long and rigorous pre-production at Lucasfilm before getting their chance to appear in the final film.

Now ILM concept artist and designer Jake Lunt Davies is sharing many of the original creature concepts for the movie on his Instagram, from the very first sketches to the puppets used in the final film. And yes, this does of course include the porgs. Didn’t think he’d forget those precious  little guys, did you??

Below you can see an early concept for the Thala-siren, which you might remember is  the lumbering sea beast from which Luke Skywalker gets his daily helping of milk, straight from the source. You can also see on the puppets which were used on set in Skellig-Michael island. One thing this new trilogy of films has brought back to Star Wars is the use of practical effects, as seen by the giant puppet below.

The Canton Bight sequence in the casino was essentially this film’s version of the Mos Eisley cantina from A New Hope, with a huge abundance of new aliens introduced. But not all of these aliens made it into the final cut of the film, like this little cyclops guy down below; hopefully he shows up down the road somewhere:

It seems no one knows what to call the new First Order ball droids, even those who designed it! Is it BB-9E, or BB-H8? I guess 9E is it’s official name, but we all know what we are calling it when it’s not around.

And, as promised, there are porgs. The little bird like creatures who lived on the island of Ahch-To were created by a mix of CGI and practical effects, and you can see some of the puppets used on Skellig Michael down below.

To see more of Jake Lunt Davies’ amazing art, be sure to head on over to his Instagram account for art from The Last Jedi and a whole lot more.

Which is your new favorite The Last Jedi creature? Besides the porgs of course.  Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

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Images: Lucasfilm

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