THE LAST JEDI Gets More Than a Lil’ Cute with Lil’ Kylo Art

One of the many positive side effects of the release of The Last Jedi is that it means a flood of new fan art. Carve aside some time to search Instagram and Tumblr for Star Wars creations; you won’t be sad that you did so. One of my favorite artists to keep tabs on is Brian Kesinger, story artist at Walt Disney Animation, a comic book artist, and the creator of Otto and Victoria. After The Force Awakens, he mashed together Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes, and now, with Episode VIII, he’s creating more illustrations featuring that combo, using the distinctive style of the classic comic strips to show Star Wars characters in a different light. He shared a brand new image with us, and yes, it has a  porg!

The looks on Chewbacca’s and Rey’s faces are priceless.

Several of Kesinger’s illustrations focus on Lil’ Kylo. The dark side user and Master of the Knights of Ren is way more adorable in these comics, but as you can see in the below panel with Rey, this Kylo still has a mean streak.

The mini Kylo Ren has been having adventures for months now, doing things like helping Leia fix his Darth Vader toy, drawing a scar on his face with a marker, and trying to impress Rey. View a few more examples of Kesinger’s work in the gallery below, and then be sure to follow him on Instagram to see all of his incredible and often heart-warming art. Add his designs to your home by browsing his Etsy shop for prints.

Which of Kesinger’s Lil’ Kylo pieces do you like best? Use the Force to leave your picks in the comments.

Images: Brian Kesinger

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

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