THE IRON GIANT Has Been Recreated in a FALLOUT 4 Mod

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Back in 1999, Brad Bird’s animated directorial debut, The Iron Giant, charmed audiences with its tale of an intergalactic weapon of war who inadvertently reinvented himself on Earth after his memory was erased. The film was criminally ignored upon its first release, but it has since become recognized as a modern classic. Now, the Iron Giant lives again, thanks to newly-released mod of Fallout 4. But this isn’t the gentle giant that you may remember!

3D artist and developer, Matthew Swanton, has painstakingly recreated the Iron Giant in the world of Fallout 4, and the results are very impressive. The Iron Giant’s design is very true to the one that Joe Johnston, Mark Whiting, and Steve Markowski created for the movie, at least in terms of his visual appearance. However, this Giant has a dark side as he’s been made into a replacement for Liberty Prime, the rabidly anti-communist giant robot from the game. That’s why the mod’s Iron Giant doesn’t have the soothing vocal tones of Vin Diesel as he decimates the Commonwealth. And there’s something oddly hilarious about hearing the vocal propaganda coming from the Iron Giant as he unleashes his might.

In the movie, the Giant was horrified by his true nature, and he ultimately rejected it by embracing the example of Superman. It’s a pretty big contrast to the engine of destruction on display in this video. But we can’t deny that it’s fun to watch this Iron Giant cut loose and casually throw a few nukes around. The best part about this re-creation is that you can grab this free mod for yourself at the Nexus for both the PC and Xbox One.

What did you think about this Iron Giant mod from Fallout 4? Duck and cover, then jump down to the comment section and share your thoughts with us!

Image Credit: Matthew Swanton

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