First Reactions To THE IRISHMAN Hail Another Scorsese Masterwork

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is his long awaited reunion not only with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, but it’s also his return to the American organized crime drama that he practically invented with films like Goodfellas. Add the three and a half hour running time, the fact that this is a Netflix movie, and the digital de-aging that was done to De Niro, and you’ve got an event movie that doesn’t have anything to do with superheroes or dinosaurs.

But can the film live up to these impossible expectations? Well, The Irishman just had its premiere at the annual New York Film Festival, and the first Twitter reactions from the lucky few who got to see it are positively glowing. Here’s a sampling of some of those first reactions.

Despite the truly bladder-busting running time, the film is apparently is so good that it just flies right by.

The digital de-aging seemed to be a concern for many folks going in, but so far it seems to have not been too distracting according to most.

Someone just threw out the words “masterwork,” which considering Scorsese’s oeuvre, is the highest praise I can think of.

And of course, there’s the inevitable Oscar talks from some reviewers already.

Considering that Scorsese made the quintessential mob classic with Goodfellas, is The Irishman just Goodfellas 2? Apparently, it’s anything but.

So far, this is the closest to a bad take out there, at least so far—and it’s really not all that bad.

The Irishman will debut in select theaters, starting with L.A. and New York, on November 1, before expanding nation-wide. It’s set to debut on Netflix on November 27.

Images: Netflix

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