The Internet’s Best Reactions to STRANGER THINGS 2

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched  Stranger Things 2 yet and want to avoid learning anything about the show you probably would have been safer traveling to the Upside Down rather than clicking this post.

Millions of us spent this past weekend doing the exact same thing–binging all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 on  Netflix. The second season of the hit horror series gave the kids of Hawkins more terrifying monsters from the Upside Down to defeat, like a mind-flaying Shadow Monster, a baby Demogorgon with a taste for nougat, a whole pack of killer “demodogs,” and a classic ’80s villain with great hair and anger issues. And they defeated them with the help of some great new characters. Even poor forgotten Barb finally got the justice she deserved, even if the real story about her death was too crazy to be true.

Shara ⓥ@sharathevegan

“I’ll just watch the first episode and space it out over a week”
9 hours later….finished Stranger things 2



TMW you realise you haven’t left the house for 2 days b/c #StrangerThings

And after spending so much time in the town of Hawkins once more, the internet got to work. With some great new pairings–like Hopper and Eleven, Lucas and Max, Steve and Dustin, Steve and all the kids, Steve and literally everyone watching–along with poor Bob (don’t move to that town if your name starts and ends with a “B,” you will die), and some very questionable decisions by people who should know better, there was plenty of material.

So here are some of the best jokes, insights, and memes we saw from Stranger Things 2.

Spotify: T R B L@LeeTRBL

Stranger Things 2 is better than S1 because of her


In case you’re being driven mad by who Eleven resembles in Season 2 of Stranger Things, it’s Elizabeth Perkins, circa 1986. You’re welcome.


Stranger Things 1: Me in my feels after Nancy picks Steve

Stranger Things 2: Me in my feels after Nancy picks Jonathan

Roshani Chokshi (Rosh-Knee Chalk-She)


Finished Stranger Things 2! So many feeeeeelings. Steve Harrington’s “I’m a cool Mom” arc is my favorite thing.


can we talk about steve’s character development in season 2 of stranger things


Stranger Things 2 but instead of their moms taking pictures of them in their ghostbusters costume, it’s Steve

Simpsons Films@simpsonsfilms

Stranger Things 2 (2017)
(dir. various)


When you shipped Nancy/Jonathan & Joyce/Hopper but then season 2 happens and Steve and Bob end up being really awesome #strangerthings


even w all the monsters the most unrealistic thing about stranger things 2 is that Nancy doesn’t love Steve

george www bush@steve_jorbz

Between Twin Peaks, Blade Runner, and Stranger Things, it’s a great time for a fan of 80’s synth soundtracks to be alive.

Kim Olson@KimOlson1993

Hopper is raising Eleven like a daughter. #StrangerThings

Oh, and if you thought we forgot about Hopper’s dancing, don’t worry, there’s an  entire Twitter account dedicated to it.

We’re going to need that updated every day until we get season 3.

But what did we miss? What was the best reaction you saw? Share it with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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