The Internet’s Best Reactions to GAME OF THRONES’ Season 7 Finale “The Dragon and the Wolf”

Warning: This post contains some of the best reactions we found to  Game of Thrones’ seasonseven finale, “ The Dragon and the Wolf,†but that also means it contains spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to see them until you do, either go check it out On Demand or climb into a wooden crate and have the Hound carry you away. Game of Thrones‘ seventh season finale, the longest episode in the show’s history, could have been only three minutes long and it still would have given us plenty to talk about during the agonizing wait we now have until the series’ final season begins. Just so long as those three minutes were the ones in which we saw the Night King ride a wight dragon and blow a giant hole in the Wall. Yes, it’s finally happened: the White Walkers have arrived in Westeros. there was so much more before that ice-cold finish, like the most top dollar powwow in Westeros’ history, reunions galore, the trial and execution of Lord Petyr Baelish, and the least controversial sex scene ever between an aunt and her nephew. So in honor of season seven’s finale, we’re giving you an extra large dose of the internet’s best reactions. Spoiler alert: you had some strong ones about Jon and Daenerys’ trip on the love boat. of course we are already looking ahead to season eight, but we aren’t alone there. sure you keep these coming, internet. We have a lot of time to full until the show returns.What were the best reactions you saw to the season seven finale? Share them with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: HBO


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