THE INCREDIBLES 2 Trailer is Action-Packed and Filled with Laughs

Though it’s tough to pin down an overwhelming consensus on which of Pixar’s original movies should be heralded as the very best,  The Incredibles has a particularly vocal contingent waving its banner. After the first two  Toy StorysA Bug’s LifeMonsters Inc., and  Finding Nemo, Brad Bird’s 2003 Pixar debut felt as though it was satisfying the animation lovers’ yearning for something a little subtler, sharper, and more sophisticated from the studio. The film melded spectacular action and adventure with what was arguably Pixar’s most mature story yet, and its long-awaited follow-up seems keenly in step with this winning recipe.

Yes, plenty of action is on display in the first trailer for  The Incredibles 2, which sees Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl accepting a high-flying, train-rescuing day job as “resident hero” for a socially conscious telecommunications company run by Bob Odenkirk.

But as we’d hope and expect, just as much of the story is devoted to what’s going on within the walls of the Parr household, and how these large-scale shakeups affects each of the family members on a personal level. We see hints of a jealous Bob (Craig T. Nelson), a frustrated Violet (Sarah Vowell), a mischievous Dash (Huck Milner), and an ever-challenging baby Jack Jack, with Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna Mode (Brad Bird) on the sidelines for welcome comic relief.

Naturally, The Incredibles 2 will take its central family far beyond its domestic trifles and into the heat of a high-stakes climax, as represented most likely by the masked villain we meet at the end of the trailer in the form of a rogue televised message, V for Vendetta-style. As this plot device appears to up the ante on the sinister, we’re intrigued. What do you think The Incredibles 2 has in store for the Parrs? Let us know your thoughts!

Images: Pixar/Disney

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