THE HUNGER GAMES Play Is Heading to the London Stage in 2024

It seems like having a stageplay adaptation is the new horizon for popular IP. First, we saw a The Lord of the Rings musical emerge, then a Stranger Things play came to life, and it’s even going to have an impact on the future of the television series. Next up, a The Hunger Games play is heading to the stage in London. Between this new play and a big-screen prequel movie coming in November, it’s a good time to be a The Hunger Games fan. Here’s what we know so far about The Hunger Games on Stage.

What Is The Hunger Games Play About?

Firstly, what is this The Hunger Games play about? Well, even though The Hunger Games on Stage might have been an interesting venue to explore other Hunger Games in the franchise, it looks like this play adaptation will tell a familiar story. shares:

In a dystopian future, The Hunger Games ignite a thrilling battle for survival, where 24 young tributes are pitted against each other in a deadly arena. Katniss Everdeen, a fearless and resourceful heroine, emerges as a symbol of rebellion as she fights not only for her life but for the hope of a nation oppressed by a ruthless Capitol.

Although the above synopsis doesn’t make it clear whether The Hunger Games on Stage will cover all three of The Hunger Games‘ main books or if it will stop with the first one, a release for the show further clarifies the scope of the play. It notes, “The Hunger Games on Stage…will adapt the first book from Suzanne Collins’ epic series and the first film from Lionsgate’s iconic dystopian film franchise for this live theatrical production.” There you have it.

The Hunger Games on Stage‘s Creative Team

Olivier Award-winning playwright Conor McPherson will pen this stageplay. Additionally, “The show will be directed by Matthew Dunster (Shirley Valentine2:22 – A Ghost Story, The Pillowman), with a creative team that also includes Miriam Buether (set designer), Moi Tran (costume designer), Charlotte Broom (choreographer), Lucy Carter (lighting designer), Ian Dickinson for Autograph (sound designer), Tal Rosner (video designer), Kev McCurdy (fight director), John Maddox for Suspended Illusions (performer flying), Amy Ball (casting director), and Gary Beestone (production manager).”

Lionsgate also has a hand in this play, so, as mentioned above, we can expect direct nods to the movies as well as the books.

The Hunger Games Play Cast and Release Date

The Hunger Games on Stage is a play coming to London, Effie and Katniss

There is no word yet on who will be cast in this The Hunger Games play, nor when exactly it will release on stage.

However, we do know that The Hunger Games on Stage will premiere in London in fall 2024.

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