Visit Janet’s Void from THE GOOD PLACE Thanks to This Live Stream

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Janet from The Good Place? The always-smiling artificially intelligent master of Good Place knowledge and organization famously *bings* in and out of situations as needed, to provide information to its dead citizens. But where does she does she go when she bings away? As we recently learned in the season 3 episode “Janet(s),” Janet retreats to a void where she waits patiently until her next summoning. That sounds like a pretty banal existence, but there’s probably not much to feel bored about when your brain is a computer.But if you ever wanted to experience her daily goings on anyway, the marketing team behind The Good Place has created a brilliant simulation of Janet’s world. In this seemingly never-ending YouTube live stream,  you can watch her bing in and out of frame. When she’s gone off to a task, the screen is totally white, but wait a few minutes and she’ll bing back in, where she’ll stand in perky silence until called upon once again.

Kudos to D’arcy Carden for standing under blinding set lights for however long it took to create this. (I imagine it runs on a loop, but who’s to say what magic is being wrought?) And further kudos to team Good Place for constantly outdoing themselves with clever antics like this. They’ve found a way to make total inaction feel both comforting and funny at the same time. I wouldn’t mind binging into the void every now and then to escape the real world. Consider yourself lucky, Janet.

Images: NBC

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