THE GOOD PLACE Dished Out a Huge Menu of Food Puns

NBC’s The Good Place, a comedy set in the afterlife, is always a feast for the eyes. It can be hard to focus on the background while you’re riveted by performances of talented actors such as Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, but it’s always worth looking at any signs on screen. If you weren’t keeping a close eye on them in last Thursday’s episode, “Dance Dance Resolution,” you missed a bounty of delicious food puns.

Food puns like Beignet and the Jets, Lasagne Come Out Tomorrow, and The Pesto’s Yet to Come. This is gold, friends. Solid freaking gold. Read every sign in this photo:

Rather forktastic, right? Well, braise yourself because the restaurant names shown on the show as Michael (Danson) kept rebooting the world were only the tip of the iceberg. Lettuce share with you a bounty of unused food puns from episode writer Megan Amram. She submitted a lengthy list of possible restaurant names with her first draft.

I marvel at the mind that came up with dozens of tasty restaurant names and managed to do so for a several different types of restaurants. In Perfect Hominy? Crouton A Hot Tin Roof? LINGUINE MANUEL-MIRANDA? Amram, you are too puree for this world.

It had to be a Herculean task to choose which puns would be featured in the show. You can see a couple more screencaps from the episode in the gallery below.

Have food gags of your own to share? Whip up your punny magic in the comments.

Images: NBC

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