THE EQUALIZER 3 Trailer Brings Denzel Washington Back for Vengeance

Robert McCall is back on the job once again. Believe it or not, it has been nearly five years since we saw him sitting serenely at his old house after killing evil Pedro Pascal. He’d found some semblance of peace and was set to live a chill life on the beach. But, as we know, for all vigilantes, peace is fleeting. So Denzel Washington must reprise his role in The Equalizer 3, a film that will be this story’s final chapter. A trilogy must always go out with a bang, and the trailer for The Equalizer 3 doesn’t disappoint at all. 

Boom, we are in a house full of dead bodies. Of course, good ole Robert is there and giving people only a matter of seconds to make better choices before he mops the floor with them. For some reason, he’s been living in Southern Italy, making friends, and generally minding his own business while trying to come to terms with his very violent past. This changes when the mafia starts wreaking havoc on those he cares about. And, as a natural protector, there is only one thing that Mr. McCall can do: get back into action. Even though this is the final goodbye for Robert, at least we still have Queen Latifah’s The Equalizer on television.

The Equalizer 3 trailer showing Denzel Washington as Robert McCall looking stoic wearing a black shirt with large guns on his back
Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Equalizer 3 trailer gives us all the threatening whispering, shoot ‘em up action, and clever kills that we love about the franchise. Watch Denzel Washington even the score once again when The Equalizer 3 hits theaters on September 1.

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