THE DOG HOUSE: UK Trailer Sees Abandoned Dogs Find New Homes

One of the few bright spots of the last few months has been the boom in pet adoptions. It’s easier to quarantine with a cuddly friend around, so plenty of rescue shelters have found themselves staring at a wonderful sight recently—empty cages. But we still need plenty of more reasons to feel better about the current state of the world. And that’s why HBO Max has moved up the premiere of an unscripted new show destined to make us smile. In fact, we know it will, because the trailer for The Dog House: UK, which helps owners and abandoned dogs find each other, has us feeling better already.

“Finding forever homes for rejected dogs isn’t easy – but that’s exactly what the staff of Wood Green do every day. Set inside a rural British animal rescue center known for its commitment to matching homeless dogs with eager owners, The Dog House: UK captures the joy and complexity of the human-dog ‘dating’ experience. Each of the first season’s eight episodes introduces tearful tales of abandoned dogs, while also touching on relatable backstories of families, couples, and singletons all hoping their lives will be changed by a new four-legged friend. It’s up to the center’s dedicated staff to match pet with potential new owner – and to arrange an all-important first date that will determine if the adorable pups and hopeful humans have that fated connection.”

A show about homeless dogs finding their new families will always make us happy. At any time. But in 2020, this series will be like free therapy. It’s impossible not to feel good when you look at these wonderful dogs.

Abandoned Dogs Find New Homes in THE DOG HOUSE: UK Trailer_1HBO Max


Just the best. HBO Max clearly knows how much we really need this right now. The streaming site has moved the premiere date up to July 23.

Like a good doggo coming home for the first time, it can’t get here soon enough.

Featured Image: HBO Max

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