The Dark Titan Doubles Your Panic!

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If you’ve been a TableTop fan since the beginning, you’re probably familiar with Castle Panic from Season One. In Castle Panic, players work together to keep the Castle standing while hordes of Monsters attack from every side. It is cooperative, but can include a slightly competitive edge when you “keep what you kill” and tally up the total points your Monster kills are worth to declare a Master Slayer. However, if the towers fall, everyone loses.

We love Castle Panic and are even more excited now that the second expansion, The Dark Titan, has arrived just in time for International TableTop Day!

Each expansion is designed to play like a new chapter in an adventure story. The Wizard’s Tower expansion (released in 2011) brought magic and classic mythical monsters like the Basilisk, a Dragon, and the Chimera (among others), upping the ante for players and giving them new ways to defend the Castle and work together.

The Dark Titan expands the world of Castle Panic further with more threats and a dangerous new enemy, Agranok, who functions kind of like the Boss Monster at the end of a video game level, but he can appear at any time in the game depending on the draws from the Monster pile.

“I’ve wanted to introduce new ways to let players engage monsters on the board for a while now,” game designer Justin De Witt has said, and in The Dark Titan expansion he delivers on that desire.

Wil expressed his affection for the clever mechanic in Castle Panic of rotating the Monster tokens to track health points. With this latest expansion, De Witt gives players more new mechanics and options for interacting with the various game components—Monsters and defenses alike.

Some Monsters have interesting abilities and will require some special consideration before attacking. New Support Tokens give players additional reinforcements that have to be managed thoughtfully for maximum benefit.

There are new strategic choices for players to make as well. For instance, players have the option to discard cards to move the Support Tokens to gain their effects instead of using those cards to attack Monsters.

Want to know one of the best things about this latest expansion? It is playable with The Wizard’s Tower expansion as well! That’s right, you can double your panic by taking on Monsters from both expansions for a true test of your mettle.
It’s been fun watching Castle Panic grow into a gaming system with these expansions, and we look forward to seeing what other tricks De Witt and Fireside Games have in store in the future. (We’ve heard they are already working on another one!)

#GatherYourParty and stand your ground! The Dark Titan has arrived and is out for revenge!

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