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THE CROW Reboot Is Finally Happening with Bill Skarsgård

Listen, we won’t blame you for remaining skeptical. We’re not exactly sure whether to believe this news ourselves. But it really does seem as though, after years of false promises and roadblocks, The Crow is getting resurrected. And the reboot will star someone who knows something about wearing face paint to scare others. IT‘s Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård, will bring the vengeful character back to the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James O’Barr’s supernatural comic series is getting a long-awaited new adaptation. Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) will direct with a script from Zach Baylin (King Richard). Skarsgård will play the titular hero out for revenge, Erik Draven. Erik returns to the world of the living thanks to a crow, where he seeks vengeance against those who killed him and his fiancée.

Bill Skarsgard in Hulu's Castle Rock

Or at least he did originally.  THR also reports the British singer and dancer FKA Twigs will play Erik’s fiancée. But, unlike previous iterations, the character will play a much bigger role and serve a co-lead in the film. What that means for her fate remains to be seen. But in a supernatural thriller where crows bring people back to life the possibilities are endless.

Fans first entered the dark and brooding world of The Crow more than 30 years ago. The indie comic debuted in 1989. However, many know it from its first ill-fated big screen adaptation. The original 1994 film starred Brandon Lee, the son of the legendary Bruce Lee. Brandon Lee sadly died on set from an improperly loaded prop gun. Lee had filmed most of his scenes when he died, though, and the studio still released the movie. It was a box office success and more sequels with different actors in the starring role followed. A short-lived TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, also had a one season run in 1998. But since the last film, 2005’s The Crow: Wicked Prayer, the franchise has had a series of false starts while it mired in developmental hell.


The series seems to have truly left Hell behind now. This new adaptation set to begin filming in both Prague and Munich in June. And THR says production is already well under way. So yes, this seems as though it really is happening. And yet, like many of you, we’ll fully believe The Crow is back when we’re sitting in a movie theater once again watching Bill Skarsgård in face paint.

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