THE CONJURING TV Series Will Deliver Evil to Max

The streaming service formerly known as HBO Max (well, not quite formally but that name is going away), now Max, is delivering a slate of new series. Many of them are tied to existing IP like The Big Bang Theory and Gremlins, and there’s another familiar franchise to add to this list. A drama series set in The Conjuring universe is coming to Max in the near (or maybe far?) future. 

Patrick Wilson fights evil as Ed Warren in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.
Warner Bros. Pictures

This Max The Conjuring project is still in its early stages of development; however, we do know that it will continue the story established in the films. So we can perhaps expect yet another fun foray into the exploits of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. It is possible that timeline skips could happen or that we will get some new frightening entity to face. Either way, a drama series in The Conjuring world is sure to, well, conjure up many nightmares and scares.

The Conjuring producer Peter Safran will helm this series as an executive producer, with James Wan (who directed the aforementioned film) in talks to join him in that same capacity. This universe is also continuing to grow with another film, The Nun 2, coming to theaters on September 8. Diabolical forces are formidable, indeed.

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